Staff Sergeant Old School

If you’re a Ranger Up fan, you’ve probably seen some Staff Sergeant Old School on their Facebook page (they are, I dare say, connected). If you want some more SSG Old School, you can find him on his own Facebook page. (Or his Twitter account.)


Relying on the kind of “behind the shed” wisdom we’re all familiar with, Staff Sergeant Old School offers up his take on everything from military classics (such as the pain that is paperwork) to current events (tattoos in uniform). Just started in April, the page already has over 17,000 likes, which means I’m not the only one appreciating his off color humor.


If you’re easily offended, however, you should probably avoid this Facebook page because Staff Sergeant Old School is probably going to like you just about as much as you like him, which is not at all. My only other warning: it is a Facebook page, which means any yahoo can comment and, let me assure you, they do so read those with caution.

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